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New dark pop from Michèle Ducray

New Zealand based dark pop artist Michèle Ducray puts her mysterious, spellbinding version of reality on display in her new single Manifesto.

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With sinister sonic landscapes and a voice reminiscent of an enchantress, Ducray unfolds a universe of horror and seduction. Her sound is characterised by a mix of intoxicating vocals, a deep rhythm section and a melancholic yet energetically upbeat melting pot of seductive tones. Drawing inspiration from sinister themes and colourful characteristics of circus life, her music is laced with vivid imagery and suspenseful storylines.

She was raised in South Africa and China and emerged from a culturally diverse childhood with a discovery of an immense affinity for music at eleven. By the age of fifteen, she'd realised her talent for songwriting while in a recording studio in Christchurch, NZ, and further studied at a local jazz institution for formal training. Her career took off, and she began writing, recording and performing in both New Zealand and Australia.

Ducray's dark pop debut Midnight was released in 2021 and saw critical acclaim, gaining heavy rotation on New Zealand's most influential radio stations. Working with famed producers Simon Gooding (Hailee Steinfeld, Shapeshifter) and Devin Abrams (P!nk, Dua Lipa), Midnight features vast cinematic soundscapes telling a tale of tragedy and the awareness of how isolated times of uncertainty can feel.

Her new single Manifesto is a pop-infused horror story of a serial killer chasing a victim who might not be such a victim after all—the daring single highlights Ducray's vocal prowess and soars on pulsating beats. Michèle Ducray is undoubtedly a name you should familiarise yourself with; despite her dark music, the future seems blazingly bright.

Listen to Manifesto on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Michèle Ducray on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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