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New single from Mercedess

Copenhagen-based Mercedess escapes her feelings on her new single, Back to Business.

Photo: Alona Vibe

Mercedess is armed with a hidden fragility beneath the surface. Her brand new single dissects moving on from a sudden heartbreak with bittersweet hindsight. Back to Business refers to the times when you catch yourself stuck in your ex's life and have to tell yourself to get on with your own life, getting back to business.

"Growing up, I've always been very sensitive and taken everything in. I'm an introverted person in this fast-moving, crazy world. But it's cool. I enjoy my own company, the moments of silence and the creativity it buzzes and making music has created this atmosphere you can dream yourself into – a place where you can escape reality," Mercedess says.

She runs her label, Big Benz Records. This year, she's already created hype in Denmark with a "Song of the Week"-single with 'Obvious' on national Danish radio P3, praise from music media and sold-out shows in Copenhagen.

Back to Business leads up to Mercedess' debut album, Casa Fantasia, out this summer.

Listen to Back to Business on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Mercedess on Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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