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Single Review: Wherever You Are by Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Shaun Farrugia

Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Shaun Farrugia

Wherever You Are

Release: June 7, 2024

Article by Laur Wirth

A little less than three month of playing the ID at Ultra Miami for the first time, Martin Garrix has blessed us with another amazing song in collaboration with the duo DubVision, and Shaun Farrugia.

Martin Garrix & DubVision feat. Shaun Farrugia, "Wherever You Are" Single Cover

Premiering the master version at Virgin Radio during The Kris Fade Show, Martin talked a bit about the process of the song. With lyrics more on the sad and emotional side, he mentioned that the track was supposed to be a ballad at first. But with elements of progressive house and dance music, which were added instead, the song became not only something special to fans, but also his new outro, replacing Starlight – a song just as emotional to fans all around the world. 

Working day and night on it, as DubVision mentioned in an interview, the majority of the song was done within a week – right in time for Ultra Miami. While never truly confirming what the meaning behind the song is, fans and Shaun have a way of interpreting the lyrics. 

"'Wherever You Are' is more than just a song, it's the feeling so many of us feel inside our hearts, gives us purpose, remembers the ones we've lost along the way" – Shaun Farrugia on Instagram

This was especially highlighted during the radio interview in Dubai, where a fan of Martin talked about how their friend recently lost their husband and that the lyrics, to her, mean that wherever his family goes, he will be there with him.


"I see you in the rising sun

I miss you when I go to sleep

Oh, the things I'd do to bring you back to me As I'm drifting where the wind blows So lost, but I still believe When I reach the end, it's you that I will see"


Many fans of the Dutch DJ have talked about lost loved ones after the release and how the song makes them think about those people, and while they might not be with us anymore, they go wherever we are.


"I'll go wherever you are, go wherever you are Even into the dark I'll tear the heavens apart, just to be in your arms I'll go wherever you are Give me a sign, I know you're out there Oh, when my time will come Oh, I'll go wherever you are, go wherever you are Even into the dark, wherever you are"


With Wherever You Are, Martin Garrix chose a new way of leaking his own final version of the song to the internet, and gave away that the song will be out a week later. Before even releasing it to streaming websites or SoundCloud, Martin decided to upload the song to Instagram first. The fans were already able to post the song on their stories, to their notes or add it to their posts, which made everyone even more excited to finally hear the finished song on release day.

Martin Garrix, DubVision and Shaun Farrugia created a beautiful and emotional dance song, like they also did with Starlight – one you can't stop listening to. I am excited for what they will create together next!

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