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EP Review: IDEM by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix


Release: March 8, 2024

Article by Laur Wirth

After 3 weeks of releasing new music every Friday, Martin Garrix has now officially released the last ID and completed the IDEM EP with 4 songs all fans have been waiting for. All four songs consist of collaborations with various artists known to be Garrix' friends, with well-known names such as DubVision and Third Party.

IDEM is Latin and can be translated to "the same". There have been a lot of interpretations with the title, especially in comparison to the live set. Yet Garrix hasn't mentioned any explanations on why it is called IDEM.

Photo by Louis van Baar

The first song, Carry You, was released two days after Valentine's Day, which was also the release of his IDEM live set from the RAI Amsterdam shows at ADE 2023. While this song has already been talked about, the meaning is worth talking about again. The song, previously known as Flashlights, has a melody that brings back many many memories to Garrixers – the fans. The lyrics being about hardships and no matter what you're going through someone will always be there, represent the bond between Garrix and his fans. Eager to meet all of them, and taking the time to thank everyone with a flag or a poster in the crowd, makes the experience of being a fan more special and the song just adds to it.


"When the whole world is against you I will carry you, carry you with me"


A week later he released Breakaway, another ID known from many sets before. With his friend Mesto, also signed under his label STMPD RCRDS, it's now the third collaboration between the two Dutch DJs. With the help of WILHELM, they've created a calm but energetic masterpiece that seems to be over faster than you can proceed what's going on. Between rather calm vocal parts with a just as calm melody and the typical Garrix drop, the song is an amazing dance song that proves that electronic dance music doesn't need a lot of elements to be good.


"If I ever need an escape You will be my breakaway"

Along with the announcement of the third song Biochemical came the announcement for the EP. What started as a name made up by fans, was revealed to be the official name of the song. In collaboration with Seth Hills, also signed under Garrix' label, the previous ID is a song that consists of just melody. The more futuristic intro flows over into an energetic dance song and back into the futuristic sound from the beginning. Almost sounding like a song straight out of a dystopian movie. 

The EP is completed by the song Empty. Known under the name of Empty Inside, there has been many mashups played before, along with Carry You – a long-awaited song that has been on repeat since the beginning. One of the collaborators on Empty is DubVision, who have a long history with Garrix, and it rounds off the EP perfectly. The chorus, especially, is very catchy with beautiful lyrics. The second collaborator, Jaimes, has a voice that gives the song an even more special feeling – not singing along to this song is a challenge. 

"So don't you try to save me, it's not worth the fight You don't wanna know what keeps me up at night Don't you try to change me, it's a waste of time Don't reach for my heart, it's empty inside"

Fans appear to be happy about the releases and excited for what more is to come from Martin Garrix. Whether that be other IDs like the collaboration with Alesso (called Look Inside Our Hearts by his fans) or brand-new stuff that hasn't been played before. With a big tour planned and a diverse festival season – including Ultra Music Festival, his shows at Ushuaïa Ibiza, and the anticipated release of his shows at ADE this year (unfortunately not announced yet) – there is still plenty of time for more amazing music.

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