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Love You Later releases "From The Window Seat"

Love You Later

From The Window Seat

Release: May 5, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Love You Later presents her highly-anticipated EP, From The Window Seat.


The 7-track EP pairs electric melodies and honest lyrics with shimmery guitar riffs and euphoric synths, creating a dreamy world. Veering from introspective ballads like Long Sleeves to energetic pop anthems like Keepintouch, From The Window Seat is a masterful and cohesive collection of alt-pop gems.

Speaking on the EP, Love You Later says: "The past couple years of my life, I feel like I've been viewing my life from a bird's eye view. I've been diving into my thoughts and my soul and self-reflecting more than ever. It's a scary thing to do but I've learned more about myself. The title of the EP comes from a lyric in the chorus of 'Girl With Headphones' – 'From the window seat, I feel so out of control, so I'll be the girl with the headphones on'. And lately, whenever I'm sitting at the window seat of a car, train, or a plane, I take a step back and think about where I've been and how far I've come. Each of these songs on the EP represent a thought or feeling I have from the window seat."

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