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Photo Gallery + Review: YUNGBLUD brings his Life on Mars tour to Oslo, NO

The anticipation is building and the screaming gets louder as the house lights are turned off and the venue goes dark. The crowd starts chanting as the minutes pass by without anything happening. Then the stage lights come on, the music starts and YUNGBLUD enters the stage with his band, Adam Warrington (guitar) and Ben Sharp (drums).

Photo by Emmi Sollie

YUNGBLUD kicked off his concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo with The Funeral followed by strawberry lipstick. He knows without a doubt how to put on a performance and engage the audience. The crowd was singing along to every song, dancing, jumping and screaming. Throughout his set, he performed tracks like Polygraph Eyes, weird!, fleabag, Kill Somebody, and I Think I'm OKAY. He expressed his love and gratitude several times, and seemed positively overwhelmed by the response from the Norwegian audience. The encore featured braindead!, god save me, but don't drown me out and Machine Gun (F*** The NRA), with everyone putting their middle fingers up to the NRA during the latter. He invited everyone who was up for it to get in the pit, and several people pushed through the crowd to join in as the concert ended on the highest level possible.

One thing that sets YUNGBLUD apart from many other artists is his incredible charisma and the great focus he has on, among other things, social issues, identity, sexuality, self-love and acceptance. He makes his concerts feel like a safe place and he makes everyone know that it's okay to be exactly who you are.

As usual YUNGBLUD reappeared outside the venue after the concert to a dedicated group of fans where he signed merch, took some photos and had a chat. The crowd sang the chorus of Loner, YUNGBLUD thanked people for coming, and for everyone who attended this magical evening I'm sure it will be a night they will remember!


Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway

May 29, 2022

Photographed by Emmi Sollie

by Emmi Sollie


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