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Photo Gallery + Review: Underoath with Spiritbox and Bad Omens in Dallas, TX

I think, for all of us, it’s been a long time since we felt the sense of community and untethered joy that live concerts bring. When I watched Underoath perform at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas I felt those feelings in my chest. More importantly, I felt the hope that touring music is truly back. Every band on the line up, Bad Omens, Spiritbox, and Underoath, all mentioned how good it felt to be touring again. How they hadn’t toured in 800+ days and how they never thought that they would be able to do this again. Last night was just the start of the tour, if you’re in the States and want to see an absolute ripper of a show this tour lineup is the option to jump on.

Bad Omens started the set with pretty boy metalcore, a fun show to watch and music that’s easy to bop your head to. After their set ended I added a couple of their songs to my gym playlist, a fine addition. After a quick set change Spiritbox took the stage. The female fronted group made sure that they held their own on the tour, with a fantastic light show to accentuate their ggrrll rock flavored metal. The energy only grew from there. Underoath took the stage and waves of nostalgia rippled across the crowd. This was a band that many in the crowd had grown up with and had spent hours driving around listening to They’re Only Chasing Safety. For others, including a child that spent the entire show on a caregivers shoulders, this was the first time they had moshed along to the band. During the final song, Writing on the Walls, a collective sense of completeness washed over the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a good time or want to feel something deeper, go support your local venues and touring bands. They need it in order to continue to bring us together.

UNDEROATH with Spiritbox and Bad Omens

South Side Ballroom in Dallas, TX

February 18, 2022

Photographed by Faye Fetters

by Faye Fetters


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