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Photo Gallery + Review: Turnstile at Amplified Live in Dallas, TX

Texas gets hot and humid starting in April. Seeing Turnstile, at an outside venue with close to 1,200 other fans seems like insanity if you tell someone else about it. But if you’re there? There’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Turnstile exploded into popular consciousness with their release of the album GLOW ON in 2021. The hardcore band quickly rose up the charts while gaining new fans (including Demi Lovato) and solidifying old ones. Their tag line? “You gotta see it live”.

I’ve been going to hardcore shows since I was 17 and have seen around 1,500 bands live at this point in my life. Turnstile was by far the best show I’ve ever had the pleasure to behold. The band was in sync at every juncture and Brendan Yates (vocals) danced around the stage, effortlessly playing frogger with the flying bodies of crowd members, while Franz Lyons (bass/vocals) helped crowd surfers up on stage just so that they could fling themselves off again in ecstasy. Even other touring crew members were on point, the lighting and sound alone were award winning in their execution.

The lyrics of the closing song, Turnstile Love Connection, mirrored what Turnstile, the fans, and their live show is all about.

A little charm

A constant rush

I want to thank you for letting me by myself

You gotta see it live.


Amplified Live in Dallas, TX

May 7, 2022

Photographed by Faye Fetters

Turnstile is currently on tour with Citizen, Ceremony, Ekulu, Truth Cult, and Coco & Clair Clair.

by Faye Fetters


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