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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Atlanta, GA

Taylor Swift

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA

April 30, 2023

Review by Rylee Marshall

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Atlanta was an ethereal experience! The sheer magnitude and impressiveness of her performance can only be felt live. From the very moment the show begins to the very last, it is clear that every single second is so meticulously planned out to perfection. Taylor Swift's show would almost be better described as a theatrical production instead of a concert!

Her set was magical and everything felt very grand. With the size of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium she really made sure that no matter where someone was seated they had a great view. It was truly incredible how her vocals never failed her after many amazing nights of performances. Her energy never failed her either; she told the audience that even though it was the last night of the weekend she was not tired at all. In fact, she said that she has been gaining energy all weekend long with her band and they were prepared to give it their all. She made sure to deliver on that promise!

Before the show begins every audience member is handed a bracelet with an LED light on it. These bracelets played a very big part of the show as they light up different colors and patterns depending on the songs. It was very exciting to not only be in the audience, but with these bracelets feel like you are also part of the show. Towards the end of the show, Taylor mentioned how it may seem that if you're up at the top of the stadium she can't see you, but with these bracelets she can see every single person dancing and jumping around no matter where you are seated!

With as big of an artist as Taylor Swift is, it was so inspiring to witness how humble she is. During the duration of her three hour long performance she takes multiple moments to make sure the audience is appreciating her band and her background vocalists. After finishing her song marjorie she told the crowd how much she appreciated the fact that everyone lit up their flashlights for the duration of the song. She said that it brought tears to not just her eyes, but her backup vocalists were also crying. Directly after marjorie, she introduces champagne problems and expresses how much she has wanted to be able to play this song live for us. After the end of champagne problems the audience got to be a part of something wonderful, as we made a record for the longest ovation yet as the crowd was screaming for her for around three minutes straight. Taylor genuinely looked around in shock and took her earpiece out to hear everyone screaming for her. Being able to witness these moments of love and adoration between Taylor and her fans was so heartwarming. She even told her wonderful fans that she didn't know how to thank them for that.

The attention to detail in this concert was mind blowing. During her ten minute version of All Too Well she sings the lyrics "I still remember the first fall of snow and how it glistened as it fell". As she's singing this part white confetti begins to fall from the sky and it truly looks like it's beginning to snow.

With a show expanding over three hours and including songs from nine different albums, they did a wonderful job covering everything. The transitions between the different eras were so smooth and incredibly exciting. Many of the transitions between the Eras were done using the big screen, but one of the most unique moments was done by Taylor. Between her 1989 Era and her Midnights Era is when she plays the two surprise songs. Right after she finishes her second surprise song, played on the piano, she begins the transition into the Midnights Era by diving into the stage. A visual of her is then seen swimming underwater all the way to the top of the stage where it ends with a giant wave. This moment was extremely unique and exciting to get to experience! The quality of the images on the screen truly made every scene feel so realistic whether she was standing in the middle of a foggy forest, or playing the piano underneath the roots of a tree. Every moment was so beautifully executed!

Overall, The Eras Tour was a magnificent display of Taylor Swift's discography, covering some of her most popular upbeat songs to some of the slower acoustic ballads. From the striking visuals to the blatant talent displayed, there couldn't be a negative thing to say. Taylor Swift's Eras Tour should be highly regarded as a masterpiece!


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