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Photo Gallery + Review: Set It Off live in Oslo, Norway

Set It Off photographed by Emmi Sollie in Oslo, Norway


Finally, after 3 years, Set It Off took the stage at John Dee in Oslo on November 29th. The show was announced in 2019 and has been rescheduled four times. Both band and fans have waited a long time! Along with them as support was rock band Weathers, originating from Los Angeles. Vocalist, Cameron Boyer, had great connection with the audience and got the crowd engaged despite not everyone being familiar with the band or their songs. The crowd quickly picked up on some of the lyrics and sang along to the chorus of Where Do I Sign?, Weathers' latest single. Other songs on their setlist were I'm Not OK, Happy Pills, C'est La Vie, and they also covered Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance.

At 9pm Set It Off kicked off their show with Skeleton, followed by Projector. The show incorporated bright colourful stage lights to match the aesthetics of the band's latest album, Elsewhere. Not gonna lie, it felt a bit odd seeing a pop-punk band like Set It Off play on a smaller stage like John Dee. There's something about the guitar-driven energetic tracks that just doesn't seem right on a small club stage. The band put on an incredible show regardless. Guitarist Zach DeWall hardly ever stood still, and vocalist Cody Carson was good at getting the crowd hyped.

The setlist included a good mix of the band's discography, slowing it down about halfway through with Unopened Window before quickly picking up the pace again. They also played a medley consisting of songs from all of their albums, and during Bad Guy drummer Maxx Danziger left the drums to take on vocals while playing the ukulele. The final song of the night was Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and at the very end of the show the crowd started the Seven Nation Army chant with Set It Off joining in on their instruments. It really has been a long time coming, and all in all it was a very fun evening!

SET IT OFF with Weathers

John Dee in Oslo, Norway

November 29, 2022

Photographed by Emmi Sollie

by Emmi Sollie


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