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Photo Gallery + Review: Set It Off at Irving Plaza in New York, NY

Alongside their excellent openers, shallow pools, No Love for the Middle Child, and Oxymorrons, pop punk group Set It Off took the stage at Irving Plaza on April 13th in New York City!

Lead singer Cody Carson, guitarist Zach DeWall and drummer Maxx Danziger played an extremely high-energy show with a dressed-up stage matching the aesthetic of their most recent album, Elsewhere. I feel like you don't see many artists do set designs nowadays, so seeing the Skeleton and projector on the stage made me feel like I was in the fantasy world they created for the album. A fantastic moment in the show was Cody crowd surfing by actually putting a mattress on the fans during the performance, which is also something incredibly unique about this band. They played some oldies for their fans who were so excited to hear from them, such as Unopened Windows, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and Ancient History, and of course, they played songs off their new album like Dangerous, Skeleton, and Projector. It is so worth catching a performance by Set It Off; I recommend buying a ticket when they come to a city near you!

SET IT OFF with Oxymorrons, No Love For The Middle Child, and shallow pools

Irving Plaza in New York, NY

April 13, 2022

Photographed by Alexis Marzo

by Alexis Marzo


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