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Photo Gallery + Review: The Olivia O'Brien Show in Philly, PA

On November 16th, Miss Olivia O’Brien, a California native who sky-rocketed into public view following a TikTok trend revolving around her hit single Josslyn over quarantine, took control of Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA. Packed wall to wall, her adoring fans brought so much energy for night sixteen of her The Olivia O’Brien Show tour.

Photo by Kat Ward

Canadian musician drumaq kicked the night off with some upbeat fun, performing an array of original songs including Claim which features O’Brien herself. He kept the crowd engaged and even wished a few audience members a happy birthday. Following his set, Upsahl – a musician from Phoenix, Arizona – switched the vibes and gave a heavier, edgier feel to the night with her call-and-response song Drugs. The crowd loved the change in pace as she partied and got everyone prepared for Olivia to take the stage.

Olivia prefaced her set with visuals reminiscent of early 2000s game shows and infomercials, captivating the audience as she announced 'Olivia O’Brien' as all aspects of entertainment for the night. Her humor and stage presence shone through as she kicked off her set with her song We’re All Gonna Die. The night progressed as Olivia’s fun and bubbly personality filled the venue, and everyone in attendance embraced the energy and reciprocated ten-fold.

Along with performing her hit songs NOW and Josslyn, Olivia also performed two covers of popular early 2000s songs – Your Love is My Drug by Ke$ha (which she called "he best pop song ever written") and her version of Complicated (available on her Spotify) which is originally by Avril Lavigne. The venue erupted in applause and screams the second these songs began, and everyone was having the time of their lives.

Aside from her performance, Olivia’s fun-loving personality drew the crowd in and held their attention. She made self-deprecating jokes and brought a bimbo-esque persona to life as she danced and sang her way through the night. You don’t have to personally be a bimbo to enjoy her music and performances – which Olivia herself recognized, stating that some attendees were bound to be boyfriends or parents of those in attendance. All of that to say if you’ve ever had a relationship end badly – friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, you name it – Olivia O’Brien’s music, personality, and shows are definitely for you.


Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA

November 16, 2021

Photographed by Kat Ward

by Kat Ward


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