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Photo Gallery + Review: Molly Sandén live at Rockefeller in Oslo, NO

Swedish Molly Sandén released her fifth album DOM SKA VETA in May 2021 and she is finally on the road on the DOM SKA VETA ARENA TOUR. The tour kicked off in Linköping on March 3 and is visiting 13 of Sweden's biggest arenas. Lucky for us Norwegians, Molly also included a date at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo on March 16.

Molly was simply glowing on stage. Her stage presence is amazing and she had the audience with her through the entire show. A sold out Rockefeller was singing and dancing along to every song. The energy that evening was so special. It felt like a huge reunion party with friends you haven't seen in a long time, with both Norwegian and Swedish fans who had travelled across the border.

Rockefeller was packed. I don't think I've ever seen this venue so crowded. People filled every corner on the first floor, and on the two upper levels people were also crammed together. Songs like Nån annan nu, Vi ska aldrig gå hem and Noise Cancellation really got the crowd hyped. During the latter, Molly joined the crowd on the floor. Mid-show Molly slowed it down with a beautiful stripped down performance of Rosa himmel (from the Netflix show Quicksand). The audience still gave everything and was singing along at full volume.

After the final bow at the end of the show, the houselights were turned on and people started leaving the venue as the remaining crowd started chanting for more. To people's surprise and excitement Molly came back on stage and performed one last unplanned song and the people who were on their way out came running back in. I think it's safe to say the night was a 10/10.


Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway

March 16, 2022

Photographed by Emmi Sollie

by Emmi Sollie


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