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Photo Gallery + Review: Jeremy Zucker live in Philly, PA

On November 21st, Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA was home to yet another sold out show on Jeremy Zucker’s “MORE NOISE !!!!” tour. The New Jersey native and “comethru” singer brought endless energy to the table.

Starting the night off right, Babygirl, a band based in Toronto, kicked it off with some chill, laid back songs. Their sound is very much “driving through the city at night with all of your windows rolled down in the summertime” vibes, and everyone in the crowd absolutely loved it. Taking a surprising turn, this Canadian trio played a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Treacherous”, which won over all of the Swifties’ hearts that were in the venue.

Photo by Kat Ward

It finally came time for Jeremy to take the stage, kicking their set off with the song “we’re fucked, it’s fine”. The crowd erupted in roars of applause and screams as his set continued on, and at one point a lucky fan gave Zucker his sweater to wear on stage. He laughed and thanked the fan before wearing the sweater while he performed “HONEST” and then tossing it back into the crowd, commenting on the amount of sweat he left in it.

Jeremy gave a few speeches throughout the night, thanking his fans for an amazing tour and pointing out that this was the first time they sold out a show in Philadelphia. He also pointed out that this show was the second to last show on his tour, and everyone in the venue erupted in applause and yelling. After closing the show with “supercuts”, Jeremy left the crowd screaming for an encore. They let everyone chant for a minute before taking the stage again under the guise of finally introducing his band – Jake on drums, Natasha on acoustic and electric guitar, and Jeremy’s brother Todd on keys and bass – before performing his hit song “talk is overrated”.


Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA

November 21, 2021

Photographed by Kat Ward

by Kat Ward


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