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Harry Styles brings Love On Tour to Denmark

Harry Styles

Nordstern Arena in Horsens, Denmark

May 13-14, 2023

Review and photos by Nathalie Knudsen

The sun sat high in the sky as thousands of fans waited for Harry Styles to finally take the stage in Horsens, Denmark on May 13th. Not only was it the opening show of the final leg of his seemingly everlasting Love On Tour, but this was Styles' return to Denmark after the tragic terrorist attack that took place in Copenhagen only hours before he was set to perform in the city last July. Yet, spirits were high in the crowd and people seemed excited to finally get to see the show, and you could sense that everyone wanted this to be a warm and happy experience.

Harry Styles. Love On Tour. Horsens, Denmark (2023). Photo by Nathalie Knudsen


At roughly 7.20 pm, the opening act, Wet Leg, took to the stage in the glaring sun, and at 8.30 pm Styles came on to loud cheers, and opened the show with Daydreaming from his Grammy-winning 2022-album Harry's House.

Styles played at Nordstern Arena in Horsens on both May 13th and 14th, with the second show being even better than the first one. Although he did an European leg of the tour last year as well, this time around he changed the setlist and added strings and horns to the band (which made each song 10000% more fun). The vibes were imMACULATE, as Styles also pointed out himself in one of his chatting bits, where he also helped fans come out, gave relationship advice to a fan with a "Should I dump him?"-sign, and talked way too much about eating bananas. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and everywhere you'd look you'd see smiling faces. I was lucky enough to get tickets for both shows, and had an absolutely amazing time. And hopefully the fans who were supposed to go to his Copenhagen-show in 2022 were able to feel safe, enjoy themselves, and create great memories to shadow over the ones from last year <3

If you're able to, I'd definitely recommend snagging up one of the final tickets for Harry Styles' final leg of Love On Tour this summer!

The setlist:

1. Daydreaming

2. Golden

3. Adore You

4. Keep Driving

5. Stockholm Syndrome

6. She

7. Matilda

8. Satellite

9. Late Night Talking

10. Cinema

11. Music For a Sushi Restaurant

12. Treat People With Kindness

13. What Makes You Beautiful (featuring a snippet of 1D's "Best Song Ever" in its intro)

14. Grapejuice

15. Watermelon Sugar

16. Fine Line


17. Sign of the Times

18. Medicine (only on the 14th)

19. As It Was

20. Kiwi


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