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Photo Gallery + Review: Fixation in Trondheim, NO

Photo by Aaron Oppheim

Among the soundscape of the biggest metalcore bands, we encounter Fixation. The Norwegian quintet made a roaring debut onto the scene in 2020 with their EP Global Suicide, consisting of four tracks spanning over 20 minutes of melodic masterpieces. Since then, they've built momentum and have truly become a force to be reckoned with, making a name for themselves both nationally and internationally.

While waiting by the photo pit for their supporting set for LeProus at Byscenen, I told security that they'd better get ready for some of the best Norwegian music has to offer - to which they responded with a cautious "hmm". The lights go down, a moment of hushed excitement murmurs among the audience, and then energy surges through the venue. For the next 40 minutes, there's nothing but the world Fixation has so expertly built and the headbanging audience.

There's a level of maturity in their music as they navigate themes such as global warming and mental health with raucous conviction yet incredible nuance. Jonas Hansen's unyielding vocals are ceaseless in their search for awareness, pushing the listener to make their own understanding. His lyricism is par with the likes of Sam Carter and the late Tom Searle (Architects), communicating profound diligence to both inner and outer conflict while keeping his heart intact and still communicating hope. The band bounces from strength to strength, and no element is out of place. If the harmonies don't get you hooked, the intricate guitar work and boisterous rhythm section will.

Security let me know they understood what I meant by the end of the set, by the way.

Fixation's new single MORE ALIVE is out on all major platforms on May 24th via Indie Records.


Byscenen in Trondheim, Norway

April 30, 2022

Photographed by Aaron Oppheim

by Aaron Oppheim


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