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Photo Gallery + Review: Declan McKenna live in Seattle, WA

After several years, Declan McKenna finally returned to the United States. On Sunday, September 25th, Declan took the stage in front of a sold-out crowd at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

Seattle was opening night for Declan McKenna’s Zeros Tour. With support from Annie DiRusso, they will be traveling and performing across the United States this fall. Annie DiRusso’s opening performance was well received by the audience. They joined her in singing and waving flashlights during slower songs. Annie and her band had amazing stage presence and excited the audience for Declan’s set.

Declan McKenna came on stage with a cowboy hat and sunglasses, which the audience loved. He opened his set with Beautiful Faces followed by Rapture. With a guitar in his hand and a big smile on his face, Declan was thrilled to be back on stage. He expressed his love and gratitude for everyone who came out to the opening night of tour.

Continuing the show, Declan sang a crowd favorite, but with a twist. As his song Make Me Your Queen is usually upbeat, he decided to slow down the pace and sing it acoustic. The crowd loved this and joined him by shining their phone's flash lights.

The encore included some of Declan McKenna's most popular songs, such as Why Do You Feel So Down, British Bombs, and Brazil. These were definitely crowd pleasers, as they screamed the lyrics and had a ton of energy. It was obvious Declan was incredibly grateful for his fans with the love and support they had shown him. As Declan took his bows, he was thrown flowers from the crowd. It was a very wholesome moment. If you’re considering seeing Declan McKenna on the Zero’s Tour, I urge you to buy a ticket, as you will not be disappointed!


Showbox SoDo in Seattle, WA

September 25, 2022 Photographed by Catherine Herber

by Catherine Herber


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