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"let's be okay", a message of hope from døssi

Photo: Monika Engeseth

døssi's debut EP bluebirds was a collection of songs about loss, grief and memory shaded in deep blue hues. In October she returned with new music, sketching her world in lighter tones with the single time will heal her. døssi's final release of 2021 is a Christmas song that's not really a Christmas song.

let's be okay continues the theme of healing and gentle encouragement. It's a soft and beautiful song which chimes of acoustic guitar and wonderful harmonies surrounded by a gentle swirl of ambient noise.

"You know when everything seems to feel magical, it's Christmas soon, it's starry and it's completely quiet – almost too quiet? That's what this song is about," døssi says. "Realising that maybe you should take some action to preserve all the good you have, and not let it fade slowly. Such feelings are a little extra easy to feel now that the time is approaching for expectations of Christmas joy, perfect families and New Year celebrations with those closest to you. Then it is easy to think about what you have – and what you do not have. It's also a song about holding on to hope..."


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