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Leah Mason releases "Midas Touch" and announces new album "Hexed" out July 26th

Leah Mason

Midas Touch

Release: May 31, 2024

Article by JoAnn Snavely

Nashville-based pop singer Leah Mason has just released the third single, Midas Touch, off of her new forthcoming album Hexed which will be hitting streaming on July 26th.

Photo by Preemo

This new single turns a new page in terms of Mason's production style, changing pace from her more recent angst-driven singles like YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS and Klepto. This change of pace seems to be tapping into a more vulnerable, and raw version of herself yet with Midas Touch.

The vulnerability behind the single comes from a more personal space, Leah speaks on the newfound tonal switch she made in the single: "I feel like I have a talent for always being the one before THE one. When you know you've left someone a better person than you found them, it can just feel so unfair that someone else gets to reap the rewards. It's felt like it's been the year of engagements in my life, and it's always particularly hard to see the person you once loved and taught how to love go on to build a life with someone else."

Leah Mason hit the scene more recently having released her debut single Far Boy back in Febuary of 2021. Since that release, Mason has been stealing the hearts of millions of listeners worldwide – even gaining acclaim from People Magazine as an "undeniable talent".

In the evolution of Leah Mason's sound, she decided that change would occur by ditching the warm, familiar embrace of home and going to Sweden to produce her debut album, Hexed. All 12 tracks on the album, listeners are taken on a journey through her artistry, as she debuts a newer, pop-centric sound that gives listeners an intimate look into Leah's mind with the diaristic storytelling fused with catchy melodies and a new-to-Leah alt-pop style of production.The new album dives into the timeless themes of love, loss, and everything in-between. The transition through young adulthood is one that is one of the most trying times in one's life, and Leah addresses the journey she's taking through her youth with a playful, yet unflinchingly honest touch. The album features her most recent singles like Midas Touch, YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS, and Klepto, represents Leah's most confident, raw, and real project to date.

Leah Mason's new single Midas Touch is out now, and her debut album Hexed comes out July 26th.

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