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Lauren Phillips shares new single "The Irish"

Singer-songwriter Lauren Phillips began her musical career touring coffee shops while still a student at Eastern Illinois University. After graduating she booked a one way ticket to Los Angeles. She made a bold entrance onto the music scene in 2020 with her debut EP, I Could Love You Every Day. Her first full-length album, Handsome Woman, is set for release in July. The new single, The Irish, is from the upcoming album and is a story of a young woman and her loss of life.

The soft piano ballad really tugs at your heartstrings. It deals with grief, anger, strength, and healing. Lauren's cousin, Caitlin Phillips Deane, passed away at 33 from cervical cancer. She was a nurse who loved caring for others and dancing on the weekends. The Irish poses the question: how can it be fair that such a beautiful soul can be taken away so soon? Lauren says: "at a time of so much tragedy and loss, my hope is that this song will speak to others in grief."

Listen to The Irish below.


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