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Album Review: LANY just dropped their fourth album, "gg bb xx"

Photo: Andy DeLuca

LANY formed in 2014 in Nashville, whose name is an acronym for Los Angeles, New York. As of now, the band have approximately 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify. After being the band to give us songs such as Super Far, which according to Billboard peaked into the US charts in 2017. As well as Malibu Nights and pink skies, which includes the fan favourite lyric “get you under pink skies, I know exactly where we should go” (LANY, 2016).

After only releasing mama's boy in 2020 LANY are back with a new album. In 2020 the Los Angeles-based trio (Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Charles Leslie “Les” Priest) were delivering raw heart-felt ballads, dealing with love and portrayal. gg bb xx is the fourth album that the band have released within a 4-year period, but there is still the staple LANY sound that we are used to hearing within this album.

LANY started this new era by releasing the first single for the album, dancing in the kitchen back in June. Which felt like the perfect pop introduction to the new era. The leading single for this album suggests the romantic elements that will be explored within the album as we see the lead singer showing off his dance moves during the music video.

Some of the songs have been released prior to the final release date on September 3rd, including up to me, dna and roll over, baby. These songs have moderately fast tempos and summery feel-good energy. Like many of LANY’s songs, one of the most-fitting ways to describe this album is that it would be perfect to blast with the windows down on a summer's evening.

The 12-track album takes you on the journey. When interviewed via Apple Music for the album Paul Klein explains that gg bb xx is “the plane ride back to your normal, regular life where you live. Nothing really fell apart. Now we're going to get back to what we were doing and who we were.”

never mind, let’s break up, whilst still being the up-beat LANY summer song we expect, it is in fact the break-up song of the album and for it to not be a ballad was a fascinating approach for the trio. The song's lyrics focus on giving the relationship your all and almost becoming tiresome.

My personal favourite song on the album is ex i never had. The electro-pop theme which runs widely in LANY’s music is prominent in this song. The chorus itself truly makes this song with its catchy and up-beat formula.

one minute left to live is the final song on the album and it’s certainly the most chilled song. You can focus on the piano being played during this song and it strays slightly from the typical chords that could be expected from LANY. For those who enjoy listening to an album in order, it’s a perfect way of looking back at the euphoric journey which has been taken. The powerful lyric “if I had just one minute left to live” which is repeated throughout the song, simple yet complicated does make you think about your own choices and decisions in a similar way to how Klein describes. The song fades out to silence completing the album.

gg bb xx is available now via Polydor Records. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

LANY will be beginning the GG BB XX TOUR visiting the UK, Ireland, Canada, and US this September, starting in Birmingham, UK on the September 23rd.

Tickets for the tour are AVAILABLE HERE:

Written by Jess Marshall


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