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Landon Conrath drops new song "Deep End"

Landon Conrath

Deep End

Release: July 7, 2023

Review by Jaylen Heady

Minneapolis artist Landon Conrath releases the third puzzle piece off of his upcoming EP I'm Alive… So It's Fine, with the latest track Deep End, a configuration of pop excellence and a vulnerable interpretation of living with depression.


Landon's voice has an iconic, addicting rasp comparable to beloved stars like Lewis Capaldi and James TW. His hypnotic tone paired with ventures into an angelic head voice give this song incredible depth (no pun intended). With exceptional lyrics such as "It's like I'm always in the deep end flailing my hands in the air going I can't swim", and pleasingly booming vocals, Landon's pop genius shines on this track.

With over 12 million Spotify streams on his breakout single 2AM and a 2022 debut full-length album, Nothing Matters Anyway, Landon is seemingly going nowhere but up. From sold-out US tours with Yam Haus and Windser to writing and producing alongside fellow Minnesota natives like Jake Luppen and Hippo Campus, his stunning talent is undeniable. The ability to create the perfect pop song that masterfully allows emotional sincerity to blend with buoyant production is innate for Landon, and Deep End is yet another great example.

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