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Kayla DiVenere releases new single "Small Talk"

Kayla DiVenere

Small Talk

Release: March 1, 2024

Article by Laur Wirth

Multi-talent Kayla DiVenere just released her new song Small Talk, following her recent releases Hate Myself and Jumping the Gun.

Photo by Lili Skyler

Singing about a secret crush on her brother's best friend, the song is her way of sorting out her feelings and pouring out her heart instead of continuing the daydreaming of what they could be. Completely different from her previous work, she gets into the topic of actually liking someone and admitting to wanting more than just "small talk". With a melodic and calm guitar sound she's explaining how she's afraid that her brother's best friend might not feel the same, and she's looking too much into situations.

It's easy to imagine this song being played in the next teen movie or series with the same storyline. It's not only the perfect song to send to your crush if you don't want to admit your feelings yourself, but also to daydream when you're feeling alone. 


Kayla DiVenere serves us with the perfect high-school-romance-song that is definitely missing from your playlist!

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