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New single, "Date Myself", from Kayla DiVenere

Kayla DiVenere

Date Myself

Release: October 11, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Kayla DiVenere is back with her new single, Date Myself, featuring a very important message that we all should take to heart ourselves.


With this very infectious song with the important lyrics, Kayla is talking about the importance of loving yourself, and how vital it is to be comfortable with yourself and owning your high standards. You don't need a partner in your life to feel how worthy you are.

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and actor, known from shows like "Love, Victor", "Law & Order" and more, explains how much more important it is to truly appreciate yourself, and how beautiful and comforting it can be to spend time on your own.

"I kinda wanna date myself, 'Cause I know I can treat me better"

It's a song to dance to alone in your room while you're singing, or even screaming, along. If you feel like you need some empowerment after feeling self-conscious, after a horrible breakup, or just because you feel like it, the catchy vibes and amazing lyrics will surely make you feel better!

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