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Jonah Kagen releases new single "Made Up My Mind" ft. Lily Meola

Jonah Kagen ft. Lily Meola

Made Up My Mind

Release: November 10, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Jonah Kagen just released his newest single Made Up My Mind featuring Lily Meola, a heartfelt song that Jonah says felt "special from day one".


With both artists using this song as a form of experimenting with sounds, and Lily even having to get out of her comfort zone, the song is a melodic masterpiece about love and death.

"If the sky opened and heaven was waitin' And if I left you by yourself Would you find somebody else?"

While listening to this song it'll be no surprise if a tear happens to roll down your face. The melody has a calming but also sad vibe to it – very fitting to the seriousness of the lyrics.

The two of them singing it like a conversation, with Lily taking the part of the person who first answers the questions of Jonah, then asking Jonah the same questions. It's a beautiful but sorrowful song about two lovers talking about what the other one would do if one of them dies.

After his success with songs such as The Roads and Broken, he's already done his first headlining tour and is currently on the road supporting Phillip Phillips.

This will be the last pre-release before his album The Roads will be released on December 1st.

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