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Jeff Satur unveils hauntingly captivating new single "Ghost"

Jeff Satur


Release: January 19, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico

Jeff Satur is starting the year off with his emotion-packed new single Ghost. The Thai singer-songwriter tells a beautiful yet sad story about a dying love and letting go.

Jeff Satur, "Ghost" Single Cover

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person who has come to terms with the fact that their once significant other no longer occupies the same space in their heart. Despite initially dreaming of a shared future, they now desire nothing more than a clean break.

In the opening verse, it becomes evident that the partner has already emotionally departed. Accepting the necessity of their partner's forward journey, the narrator releases the memories and emotions tethered to the past, wishing their ex a future filled with fulfillment. The rest of the song reinforces the sentiment that if the partner is no longer emotionally present, there's no need to endure the agony of awaiting an inevitable separation; the intention to seek out the partner is absent. 

In essence, ซ่อน (ไม่) หา (Ghost) (direct translation: "Hide (not) Seek") encapsulates a narrative of acceptance and moving on from a past relationship. Acknowledging the redundancy of their partner's presence, the song serves as a poignant anthem for healing, growth, and finding happiness by embracing the past and forging ahead.

The music video is a visually stunning representation of that sentiment. Director Prach Rojanasinwilai did a spectacular job at bringing Jeff's visions to life. We can see the complicated love story Jeff's character and the female lead, played by Dana Slosar, experienced. Jeff teased in an Instagram livestream, following the release of the music video, that Ghost is the first instalment of two. The second part of the story, Yellow Leaf, will be his last music video before the Thai singer releases a full album.

While the lyrics of Ghost portray a point of acceptance after a relationship comes to an end, Jeff hopes that his fans – called Saturdayss – find their own interpretations and meanings and find comfort in the song.

Besides a full-length album, Jeff is also busy in other ways this upcoming year. He is currently shooting a movie with the working title "The Marriage", and his Drama "Wuju Bakery" is supposed to get aired starting in March. Furthermore, Asian Saturdayss can catch him on his Space Shuttle No.8 Asia Tour starting in February.

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