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Jamie Bower releases "Paralysed"

In November, Jamie announced on Instagram that his band Counterfeit "have entered into the shadows of past projects". As he states: "from ashes we must rise", and with that he shares that he will be continuing to make music and tour the world as a solo artist.

"In the shadows I have always dwelled and this project is an offering from there (...) Come join me. Take my hand. Do not be afraid of the dark. It is time."

As we say goodbye to Counterfeit, we are entering the unknown with Jamie.

Paralysed was released yesterday, and it's a heartfelt piano ballad accompanied by strings, featuring some powerful vocals. It is the perfect opening to this new chapter, and it's the first part in a three-part prologue.

Check out the track below, recorded Live at Vada Studios, UK.

by Emmi Sollie


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