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James Roberts kicks off new solo project with "Me Myself and I"

Real Easy frontman James Roberts kicks off new solo project with single Me Myself and I, throwing a solid jab at the ever-growing division between the rich and poor.

Inspired by a stranger being incredibly rude to a homeless man outside the shops last year, the song Me Myself and I challenges how we see each other and how money affects our behaviour. It's a solid jab at how most let cash flow get in the way of human decency, both on an individual and governmental level. It seems as though, even with the growing division between the rich and the poor and the inhumane conditions they put people into, governments care more about profit than they do about human lives, and it seems we accept it. Me Myself and I remind you to stay compassionate and never let kindness fade. After all, when you're old and lonely, will your money love you too?

When asked about the future of the solo project, Roberts says he has lots of music waiting to be released. Coming from working-class England with a solid talent for songwriting, he's cooking up lyrics that many people can relate to and, I think, find support in.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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