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Isabel Pless releases new single “Keeping Score”

From Jericho, Vermont to Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter Isabel Pless is back to immerse us in her world of melancholic love and heartbreak with her new single Keeping Score.

Isabel Pless releases new single Keeping Score

Photo: Working Holiday Media

Through her angelic voice and stripped acoustics, Keeping Score weaves together the confusing process of navigating change. Isabel explores a monumental loss of first love by analyzing her faults as well as those of the person who hurt her. In between the heartache, her incredibly relatable lyrics acknowledge a nostalgic desire for the comfort of home.

As the melody climbs with stacked harmonies accompanied by electric guitars and the drums transform to a more commanding presence, Isabel delivers a witty pop anthem for anyone that has ever been betrayed by love. The reflective outro laments, “I wanted to be yours completely, now I’m just keeping score.”

Since reaching 111k+ followers on TikTok, Isabel has made a name for herself by wearing her heart on her sleeve and allowing her songwriting to reach the hearts of her audience.

Keeping Score is the kind of song that deserves to have car windows rolled down and the volume all the way up!

Listen to Keeping Score on Spotify and Apple Music. Connect with Isabel on her website and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

by Jaylen Heady


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