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iris’s acoustic take on “ROBOTLOVER”

Photo: Nisju Films

Norway’s most visionary young songwriter, iris, released her moving debut LP, love and other disasters, earlier this year. To celebrate the release of the vinyl version of the album, she released an acoustic version of the opening track, push, don’t push. Now she’s following up with her final release of 2021 – an acoustic version of ROBOTLOVER.

The themes that have always driven iris’s music are the things we do for love and the things love does to us. The acoustic take on ROBOTLOVER highlights the heartbreak at the centre of love and other disasters. “The song is about relationships where the other person only wants to know the idea they’ve created of you, and their idea of the way you should act, think and breathe, and you just let them,” iris says. “You become the person they see in you. You don’t really care anymore, and you let them crush all the pretty things you’ve collected for yourself over the years. It's brutal."


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