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Hope Vista with new eerie single, "Ya Want a Valium?"

Hope Vista

Ya Want a Valium?

Release: March 10, 2023

Article by Aaron Oppheim

Hope Vista has returned with the eerie single, Ya Want a Valium?

Hope Vista, former lead vocalist of alt-rock band VISTA, delves fearlessly into the shadows of her psyche in mesmerising and unsettling soundscapes. Her new single, Ya Want a Valium?, is as honest as it is discomforting. The song fully showcases her vivid, narrative lyricism and an unwavering commitment to exploring the darkest corners of the human soul.

Shedding her former solo stage name Ravive, which she has gone by since early 2021, she presents a glitchy fusion of breathy pop and alternative-infused sadness, an exploration into the depths of her inner anxieties.

Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy, she offers herself as dark pop's new it-girl, transforming her most eerie thoughts into intoxicating art.

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