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Single Review: Antichrist / Room Service by Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone

Antichrist / Room Service

Release: June 28, 2023

Review by Alicia Urrea

English singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone has made her comeback into the alt-indie scene with two new singles, marking the start of a brand new era. Antichrist and Room Service are further examples of just how captivating and vulnerable Humberstone can be in her songwriting, giving listeners a glimpse into her inner-dialogue.

Antichrist is an interesting track, beginning with some distorted layered vocals that sound almost robotic and inhumane. As the intro ceases, sounds that align with repetitive radar signals can be heard as the instrumentation kicks off into the first verse.

Throughout the verses of the song, Humberstone utilizes apologetic and longing words. The lyrics are from a first person perspective while addressing an ex lover, asking rhetorical questions that she already knows the answer to: "I'll be the first to admit / I kinda fucked this darling, didn't I? / Did I use your body? / Did I leave you broken?" As the chorus follows, Humberstone begins to relate herself to an antichrist: a being that is defined by evil. She hurt this person so deeply that the guilt was overbearing enough to make her feel like a vile entity for doing such a thing.

The second single, Room Service, is a contrasting tune. It's a solemn stripped song that merely includes an acoustic guitar and Humberstone's vocals. It portrays the thematic idea of platonic love, using the enclosed space of a hotel room as a metaphor for the familiar comfort this person brings her. In an email to fans about the song, Humberstone wrote: "The song to me is just a simple love song to the people I care about the most."

For fans of artists like Maggie Rogers and Lorde, these tracks along with the rest of Holly Humberstone's discography is definitely worth the listen. It's a new taste of modern indie music, with intimate lyricism and memorable melodies to go with it.

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