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Single Review: hungry lion by Hera Lind

Hera Lind

hungry lion

Release: June 8, 2023

Review by Olivia Hofacker

Hera Lind's latest release, hungry lion, is a dynamic musical composition that builds up a lasting impression on listeners. Though this song is only her second release, following her single 365 Days, posted earlier this year, Lind has established a strong support and fanbase on TikTok, who've eagerly waited for her next drop. The Icelandic singer-songwriter has unveiled a courageous melody that is an ode to restoring your inner peace and "feeling whole again" after escaping life's toxicities.

With hungry lion, Lind has delivered an emotionally charged performance that showcases her artistic range. With only two songs out, she has created a name for herself and built a reputation for her musical versatility. Possessing a unique ability to create thought-provoking lyrics and melodies, Lind has established a deep connection between her sound and fans. This single blends genre effortlessly, showcasing immense creativity and talent. Elements of rock, somber sounds, and pop merge creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape. Her vocals and instrumentation produce such emotion amplified by the lyrics.

The song's expressionism combined with Lind's heartfelt voice adds a layer of vulnerability that

captivates listeners from start to finish.

"I learned to live with the hungry lion I fed it with my soul and blood It scratched me more than I imagined But someday I'll be whole again"

Verses such as this one produce a gutwrenching feeling that makes listeners feel raw and paint a vivid image of acknowledging what you experience psychologically. hungry lion examines themes of desire and the pursuit of personal freedom as Lind goes on a journey for fulfillment.

hungry lion is a testament to Hera Lind's exceptional musical prowess. With this latest release, Lind further solidifies making room for herself in the music industry and leaving listeners anticipating more.

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