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Hedda Mae releases new single "Until The Night Falls"

If you're Norwegian, you might have seen Hedda Mae in the tv-series De Neste on NRK. But if you're not: Hedda Mae is a 22 year old Norwegian singer who released her debut single last year – and today she's out with the brand new song Until The Night Falls!

Photo: Nisju Film

Having been labeled "the next nordic pop sensation" by by:Larm, Hedda Mae seems to be delivering one hit after another. And the new track is no exception. Until The Night Falls is clearly influenced by the 90s/00s R&B classics we all love and adore, and it particularly pays homage to Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake. It's catchy and lively – just like Mae's previous singles and EP. Her sound is characterized by a lively, sorta disco, kinda funky vibe, and it basically just makes you want to dance along. The new song is still catchy and lively, with the lyrics adding a sad touch to it.

Go check out Norway's new popstar and listen to Until The Night Falls below!

Written by Nathalie S. Knudsen


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