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Hedda Mae's second EP is out now!

Hedda Mae released her debut EP, Introducing: Hedda Mae, in late 2020 and has since released a series of singles influenced by 90s/00s music and style. Now she’s ready to release a new collection of songs on her second EP, The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial.

On this EP she has once again worked with producer/writer Benjamin Giortz. It includes six exciting tracks with clear hints of inspiration drawn from the music from the 90s and 00s. Hedda says “I’m super fascinated by all the toplines from then – they’re so amazing. So my goal with the EP was to try and recreate some of those toplines or the way of writing – but in a more modern package.”

Like her first EP, this one also starts with an intro track. A little monologue which perfectly gives us an introduction to The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial. It smoothly transitions into the first song, Until The Night Falls, which was released in May.

The stunning takedown of male ego that is Mr. Big Mouth is also on the EP – a song that was written at the height of the Free Britney movement. The expose of the music industry feeds into the themes of the songs but also make them equally applicable to real-world relationships. Hedda has gathered inspiration from her own life, as well as her friends. She’s singing about things directly affecting her and other people her age, particularly young women.

On track 4, Cherry, we have a catchy beat and a sweet melody. The theme of the song revolves around a toxic relationship. Something I’m sure everyone has experienced in one way or another, whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship or even with family.

Getting Along, a bold criticism of superficial relationships, is a song that really stands out. It’s about “a feeling you get when it’s all superficial. Like in high school when you’re not on the same page but you have to behave in a way that you’re expected to.” The song is upbeat and full of attitude. Hedda is putting her foot down, letting everyone know she’s had enough.

The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial is a sassy EP. It’s a bit harder than the last one with a darker vibe – showing off a different side of Hedda Mae.

by Emmi Sollie


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