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Gabi Sklar drops new single "Thank God"

Gabi Sklar

Thank God

Release: August 24, 2023 Review by Jaylen Heady

Perfect pop songs are the kind that make you feel enveloped in bubblegum pink chiffon. Singer and songwriter Gabi Sklar is no stranger to that feeling. Between a floaty melody and pleasing vocals, Thank God is the ultimate healing girl anthem.


Hailing from New York, Gabi Sklar has already amassed 3.5M TikTok followers and 1.1M Instagram followers with just a few singles under her belt. She has worked closely with industry icons such as songwriter JP Saxe and Grammy-award-winning producer Tommy Brown, and she knows how to put on a show thanks to legendary creatives like choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, vocal coach Don Lawrence, and performance coach KJ Rose.

Like her recent hits, Pardon My French and Good Kisser, Thank God blends addictive vocals (with a beautiful falsetto), enchanting production, and relatable lyricism. As she sings about finding acceptance and peace after a toxic relationship, the beat has a slow draw that reflects elements of R&B influence. She practically oozes star quality with a stunning voice that is reminiscent of "it girls" like Olivia O'Brien and Mabel.

About the song she shares: "'Thank God' is that first breath of fresh air after coming out of a toxic relationship. It's not only about coming to terms with that destructive period in your life ending, but it's also about beginning the process of healing your relationship with yourself."

One of the best things pop girls today do so well is produce incredibly vulnerable lyrics wrapped in the bow of catchy pop excellence, and Thank God is no short of that.

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