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francesca releases new single "away"

Photo: Charlotte Cullen

The latest artist to burst from the Edinburgh scene is Scottish/Italian singer-songwriter francesca. She brings vintage and emotive feel to her unique form of pop. She's influenced by Peggy Gou, Charli XCX and King Princess, and has been playing music since early childhood.

away is francesca's third release, the previous two being dear mother and liability. With this third single, she hopes to bring her unique sound and stage presence to the forefront in 2021.

The track opens in an interesting way where you can her a man's voice, her grandpa, talking in Italian. He is describing francesca's hometown, and with this she manages to tie in her Italian roots to her sound. Francesca's vocals are beautiful and the song reminisces of a conversation with a friend. They are realizing that even though they feel like they have never changed, the world around them has been shifting and becoming new.

As I'm writing this, it's a cloudy and moody morning, and the rain is drizzling. For some reason this song goes perfect with the weather. It's a very chill and mellow track, and the subtle synth builds up into a warm and more upbeat chorus. What a nice way to start the weekend!

With away, francesca has yet again created another beautiful song for listeners and fans to enjoy. You can listen to it below.

by Emmi Sollie


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