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Alt-pop band flor releases "Tethered"



Release: June 14, 2024

Article by JoAnn Snavely


​Oregon-based trio flor aims to consistently remind themselves that the day forgives. Consisting of Zach Grace (vocals, guitar), Dylan Bauld (bass), and Kyle Hill (drums), the band takes their irresistible melodies, entrancing synths, and triumphant beats to create their own coming-of-age story – something they've been doing since they were teens.

​Having begun playing in a garage in their high school years, they flew under the radar gaining millions of streams upon the release of their 2016 debut come out. you're hiding. In 2019, that momentum was only accelerated thanks to the critically acclaimed album ley lines, which led to their successful headline tour at the beginning of 2020. Inspired by the likes of MGMT, Phoenix, and M83, the band then released their third full-length record Future Shine, which furthered acclaim from Rolling Stone, AltPress, and more.

Photo by Claire Leahy

​After a bit of time evaluating the next steps of their sound, and having finished opening for The Maine on their North American tour, flor is back and better than ever! Today, they released their latest single Tethered. As they continue the push-and-pull of angstier tracks and benevolent love songs that they've cycled between since their genesis, today's release is a play at the latter as the band talks through the endless layers of loving someone.

"Surprise, surprise, another flor love song. It's a good thing love has so many facets to discover and explore or else I wouldn't have anything to write about. I love the imagery of being connected by a link, invisible or otherwise, to the person who is made for you. How every life and every timeline couldn't separate you from the person you are meant to be with. It's a comforting thought to me." – Vocalist Zach Grace on the new single

Even with this single, the band has been hard at work maintaining a consistent stream of new media and music for fans to enjoy with their latest singles like Same Color as the Sun, Warm Blood Pt 2, Nosedive, and Kick It. They also recently starred in The Noise's first episode of their new video series titled Something Loud. Filmed in Los Angeles with the help of Betawave Media, flor performed their singles Every Night, Warm Blood Pt 2, No More Time, and Gotta Do Something to showcase what "loud" means to them – watch the video here.


This September the band will join Quinn XCII, Joji, and more at Love Letters Fest in Salt Lake City. 

Stream their latest single Tethered, out now!

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