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Farida releases new single "365 Days"

Photo: Patrick Oldenborg

A month ago, Farida released What's It Gonna Take, which was a beautiful mixture of alt-rock, pop and R&B. There's no stopping Farida's creativity, and she's back at it again with yet another captivating song for your playlist.

365 Days is a heartfelt and catchy R&B/pop track. Just like her previous single, the production is great and the song implements the use of real instruments. There's definitely something about the guitar riff during the verses that makes the song very appealing to me. The song seems to be looking back at a past experience, reminiscing on the toxic sides of a relationship, before coming to terms with it and realising you have learned and are doing better because of it.

You can listen to 365 Days on Spotify now, and follow Farida on Instagram and Facebook.

by Emmi Sollie


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