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New single from Norwegian duo Fareway

Press Image / Photo courtesy of GEMS/Warner Music Norway

Norwegian duo Fareway (Alex-André Aanonsen and Jacob Eines) wanted to try something different from their work as NAUUDA and Miscél in the summer of 2020. They got out of their comfort zone and incorporated their own vocals to the new music they started making.

Having previously released Poltergeist and What I Like earlier this year, they are now ready with their third single of the year, Loudmouth.

The track starts off with a chill melody and gentle vocals, leading us into a rap verse with a nice soft drum beat. Loudmouth combines lazy and watery guitar licks, lo-fi beats, rapped verses with a gently crooned chorus in the best way.

Fareway says the song is about getting back into a relationship you know is bad for you. "No matter how self-aware you are, you still feel pulled back into it. We wanted to make it a soulful track and we took some inspiration from Brockhampton and Tyler, the Creator in the sound" they say.


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