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New sparkling pop from Fallulah

Danish singer Fallulah released her fourth album All My Eyes Are Open (Part I & II) in the fall of 2020 and conquered a lot of hearts. Now she's back with her new single Gemstoned.

Photo: Julie Montauk

Her musical journey began in 2009 and her first single became "song of the week" on Danish radio station P3, which gained her massive recognition for her unique world of pop music. She's won two Danish Grammys, a GAFFA Award and the Danish national radio P3 Gold Award.

"The message of the song [Gemstoned] is to break up with the classical hard masculine values, that are causing countless examples of people being destroyed by stress, anxiety and creating bad work environments" says Fallulah.

She actively uses her voice and platform to raise awareness about sexism and lack of diversity in the music industry. Gemstoned carries a strong and clear message and is an anti-capitalist explosion of energy, a battle-cry encouraging the listener to dance and contemplate in equal parts.

This song is catchy and powerful, and Fallulah manages to share her message very well through the lyrics. Fallulah says she's seen how harmful it is in the music business and has felt it on a personal level too. "The patriarchy and 'Boys Clubs' have ruled long enough, and it’s clear that it’s not benefitting the well-being of people or the planet. We need to value art over profit. By writing this song I hope to encourage us all to make room for a new way of life, where diversity and empathy rules. I believe we are ready for it."


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