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Eric Tryland drops his first solo track "Daily"

Eric Tryland is a Norwegian 22-year-old happy-go-lucky ambitious artist and musician. He's been performing on big and small stages across Norway with the Bergen boyband The Main Level from 2017 to late 2018, and has travelled the world performing with Norwegian indie pop artist Nicolas Muñoz, who you probably know as boy pablo.

He's got a big dedication for pop music, and he writes and produces songs in his bedroom with help from his friends. Today, he shares his first solo track Daily with the world! The song is written by Tryland himself, along with Mads Vathne Lervik and Sander Helmers-Olsen. The song was originally written for another artist, but after some time in his Dropbox-folder, he decided to release it himself.

Photo: Emmi Sollie

With catchy beats and a chorus that is guaranteed to be stuck on your mind, Daily is the perfect song to listen to out in the sunshine on a spring morning. The lyrics seem to be about a past relationship that he can't stop thinking about, but he questions if he's done the right thing and if this is how he should be spending his time. I get a feeling Tryland has taken some inspiration from Canadian popstar Justin Bieber, with a hook and style that is similar to JB’s No Brainer and his latest album, Justice. I don’t know about you, but after hearing Eric Tryland’s debut single, I know I will be listening to this daily.

Keep your eyes on this guy. I’m sure he’s got plenty of ideas in store and this is just the beginning of his venture as a solo artist!

Written by Emmi Sollie & Nathalie S. Knudsen


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