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Single Review: Consider Me A Winner by Emma Ogier

Emma Ogier

Consider Me A Winner

Release: July 28, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Consider Me A Winner is the second single and the latest song from Texas-born newcomer Emma Ogier. She describes the song as how she imagined the semester would be without her best friend and former room mates, and how she thought it would be lonely, but reality proved her wrong.


The Americana-flavoured indie-pop song has a somewhat uplifting melody, as if everything is better than you think. Even if times are changing, it's not necessarily for the worse.

"And if I survive the winter and I do it all alone, God consider me a winner. The baby in the mirror's saying 'Damn, you've grown.'"

The protagonist in the song realises that even though times are changing, those changes are important, and in the end we don't gain anything by dwelling on old memories. We should consider ourselves winners because we adapted and evolved in the situation. No matter if friends leave to study in a new town – or even a different country – or if relationships or friendships break apart, it's all about what you make out of the situation. If you turned it into something positive, you are a winner!

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