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Elliot Lee can be your Queen of Nothing

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee already has a passionate fanbase known as The Bubblegum Army and has amassed millions of streams. On Friday July 16th they released their highly anticipated EP Queen of Nothing. Lee’s music is characterised by a fierce mix of unpredictable sounds and explosive melodies.

Queen of Nothing includes five tracks and tells the story of "Queendom" and the rise and fall of an empire seen through the lens of a tyrannical ruler. The EP shows the rise and fall of a queen whose own materialism and narcissism leads to her downfall. The Queen ultimately threatens to burn the empire to the ground in this cautionary tale of corruption.

The title track, Queen of Nothing, features catchy beats, edgy vocals and has an anthem-like feel to it, while Pink (Freak) and the closing track Rubies have more dark-pop melodies. The entire EP features innovative electronic rock soundscapes and Lee manages to showcase what I feel like is their own very unique sound. Through lyrics that often touch on uncomfortable topics, Lee strives to connect with the underrepresented. They pick up inspiration from the feeling of loneliness and their music works as a reminder that you’re never alone!

by Emmi Sollie


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