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New double single from døssi

The Norwegian artist døssi continues to play with the themes of letting go, and knowing when it's time to move on. Her new double single last time together / how it ended is pained in golden hues rather than blues like her debut EP.

Photo: Mikhela Greiner

døssi's voice is crystalline and pure. last time together has a beautiful acoustic melody but with heartache in the lyrics. Under washes of ambient noise, you can pick out some background studio chatter. The song is about the moment you realise that a relationship is over. "Even if nothing is said nothing is unsaid either, and the only thing that makes sense is to let go. It's about the feeling that quickly hits you hard in the stomach, and you realise that it has actually been over for a while already," says døssi.

About how it ended she adds: "it's the silence of time or when you have finally reconciled yourself to letting go." This track is a rough recording of voice and guitar interrupted.

last time together / how it ended is out now on GEMS / Warner Music Norway.

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