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Dayshifter release their debut studio album "Hiraeth"



Release: June 8, 2023

Review by Christine Mckerlie

It can often be a bit of a challenge to find hardcore bands from the north, but Dayshifter are here to fill that gap. With heavy vocals, synth backing and lyrics that will have you captivated, Dayshifter are here to in their own words, "break down the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage open communication."


Opening the album with an eerie synth and soft vocals that would sit right at home in any horror soundtrack, Emerald Green takes us on a journey floating on synth beats. With heavy guitar riffs and hitting vocals we are strapped in for a ride. Very quickly picking things up, Holy Ghost is showing the band's talent for the handcore genre. With lyrics such as "sing me to sleep with your songs of misery" this album is showing that there is a place for mental health talk within the hardcore community and highlighting it's importantance.

Shifting into a slightly different gear with emphases on the guitar riffs, 1936 has again captivated us and wanting to soak up every part of this album. Keeping the hardcore theme with introducing other genres, Rain (Forever) will have you bopping along while appreciating the hard rock riffs that are in no short supply. Rosé shows us more of the band's incredible talent and will make you excited for the chance to see these songs live in person. Bringing things to a slightly slower pace for a moment, Old Souls, Young Hearts gives you a chance to catch your breath before giving it your all again with high energy continuing throughout.

The album flows effortlessly while continuing to shake things up as you go, this being highlighted with the somewhat genre hop of Anywhere But Here. Continuing the lyrical energy as shown throughout mixing upbeat riffs with what could be described as dark lyric matter, this band is hard to not love. Hitting us with another fantastic riff and a song that feels all so familiar but brand new at the same time, Buried In Grey keeps the high energy going and our concentration in the palm of the bands hands.

Title track Hiraeth feels like no stranger and again is showing us those synth beats that have kept us captivated and gives us a chance to breathe with an overture to carry us through to the end of the album. With already released single Fever Dreaming it's a perfect ending to a fantastic hardcore synth album giving us a final show of the band's impeccable talent and love for their craft.

Dayshifter will soon be on your everyday playlist and will no doubt make a delightful mark on your love for music and show that there's space in every genre to open up a channel of communication for mental health talks and we should look after each other. This debut studio album, Hiraeth, will soon be a staple in your everyday listening and I for one am very excited to see this band's path. So go check out the album and band now and fall in love with synth hardcore beats.

Dayshifter are:

Nathan Dillon - Vocals

Tom Simpson - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Kyle Foster - Lead Guitar

James Taylor - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Liam Robson - Drums

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