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AURORA by Daisy Jones & The Six: Bringing Fiction to Reality

Daisy Jones & The Six


Release: March 2, 2023

Review by Olivia Hofacker

The glitz, glamor, and rock & roll of the 1970s were not all it was cut out to be. Traveling back in time, best-selling author Taylor Jenkins Reid created a story following the titular band Daisy Jones & The Six, which reflects the chaos of this notable era. This book-turned-series is full of life, heartbreak, and an electric soundtrack.

AURORA captures the gripping storyline while also existing as an album that could be listened to on its own. Each track includes fundamental aspects of music made 50 years ago, with iconic sounds similar to Fleetwood Mac. Exhibiting the power dynamic, erratic emotions, and hidden truths within the band members, the lyrics accurately reflect the plot and immerse listeners into the story.

Angsty lyrics combined with rich melodies creating an intriguing and titillating sound. Being the only album produced during the band's short-lived life, AURORA includes the intimate realities of their time together. Line by line, the ballads describe the realities the members were facing. From love to affairs, heartbreak, and adulthood, the soundtrack creates a realm listeners can use to experience the mania of the 70s rock lifestyle.

Known for his work with Fiona Apple and Sky Ferreira, producer and composer Blake Mills, has been the mastermind behind the construction of this lyrical universe. It quickly became a collaboration between him and various household singer-songwriters, including but not limited to Phoebe Bridgers, Jackson Browne, and Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons. The folk-rock sounds of these artists meshed and created a timeless tracklist.

As Daisy Jones & The Six are a fictional creation of Reid's, the voices behind the music belong to the actors of each character, giving us leading vocals from Sam Claflin and Riley Keough. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed the actors to fully immerse themselves into their characters, building a musical foundation and learning to play the instruments, giving an authentic feel. Castmates Suki Waterhouse, Sebastian Chacon, and Josh Whitehouse join Claflin and Keough to fabricate the nostalgic album and series.


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