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Swedish collective Colleagues return with new music after hiatus

After a five year hiatus the Swedish musical collective Colleagues return with their new single Abide.

Photo: Alice Seipel

Colleagues first came together in 2013 as a place for the band members to experiment with their music and visual art. The collaboration was the focus, and without a clear leader, the name Colleagues made a lot of sense.

Their music has been praised on prestigious blogs such as Earmilk, Gold Flake Paint, Ja Ja Ja Music and NME from their first release through to the last official release in 2015. As a group they disappeared, and internal friction and external opportunities drove the members towards several years of touring and writing songs with other artists.

Now in 2022 a new Colleagues album has taken shape, with a familiar sound but one that's been shaped and changed by the intervening years and the experiences the members gathered. Together with some guest artists, the new album is expected in the spring.

Abide is the first single. It's described by the band as "a study in people-pleasing, not a crowd pleaser." The track is relaxed and loose-limbed, heavy on bassy synths, shimmering ambience and laced with sleepy harmonies.

”It feels as though we are back in the apartment we shared. Same structure, same laughs, only we require a wee bit more space…” say Colleagues.


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