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Chloe Star's "Happy Place" – A Liberation Anthem from the Heart

Chloe Star

Happy Place

Release: January 5, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico


Chloe Star, a rising alt-pop sensation, is starting the new year off strong with her latest single Happy Place. As an openly queer artist and a fierce advocate for female empowerment, Chloe continues to break boundaries with her bold and evocative music. Her latest release is the third instalment in a trilogy of confessional tracks that portray the aftermaths of a toxic relationship.

"I tell a story with these 3 songs – the heartbreak, the awakening, and the release," she says. Fool narrates the disintegration of the relationship, Found My Peace depicts Chloe's emergence from the remnants of heartbreak, and ultimately, Happy Place explores the discovery of liberation through the process of healing.

"'Happy Place' is about that feeling of relief that you experience when you finally feel comfortable being on your own. That's 'Happy Place.'"

Beyond her musical prowess, Chloe Star's background as a Persian and Indigenous artist, visualist, and tribal advocate adds depth to her artistry. Growing up in both Los Angeles and her family's reservation in San Bernardino, Chloe's childhood was marked by chaos and instability. However, through journaling, poetry, and self-taught musical skills, she found solace and transformed her experiences into a powerful narrative.

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