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chasing luma releases debut single "bittersweet"

chasing luma, a multi-hyphenate project defined by introspection, explores some of life's most challenging albeit fulfilling themes via beat-driven alternative pop.

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Luke MacDonald aka chasing luma picked up a guitar at just 8-years-old and discovered the virtue of songwriting. chasing luma's debut single, bittersweet, is a reflection of his own artistic reckoning.

bittersweet is defined by the power of substantial songwriting complemented by textured soundscapes and blossoming alt-pop melodies. The song is incredibly catchy and I instantly fell in love with the feel-good melody. chasing luma says this song was the one that made him decide to actually make the project. "For a long while I was really lost and not sure what sounded like ‘me’. So I tried to forget everything I knew about making music and start from nothing – I was making at least one song a day and so much of it was... not great."

The first version of bittersweet was made in 2019 and he felt as if something clicked. "It was a really special moment – I felt so many new ideas come at me at once! ‘bittersweet’ is about being at a crossroads in the world, and struggling to find your truth. It's about asking yourself if it's worth it to abandon everything you know, or to stay in your comfort zone; knowing you want more out of life, but not knowing quite how to get it yet – being aware that you'll probably be happier if you follow your heart and ambition, but being a bit timid of the cost of that.”

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